News from Domaine La Colombette in Béziers

Harvest 2021

Ready, set, GO ! Let the 2021 harvest begins! 🍇🎉Like every year, the season begins with the harvest of white grape varieties: among others, sauvignon and chardonnay in la Colombette. These grapes must be picked very early in the morning. Thanks to this, the grapes...

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La Colombette in the professional press

One article, one know-how in April in Réussir Vigne and La Revue du vin de France one about our more than organic grape varieties naturally resistant to vine diseases and the other about our dealcoholization technique to make our wines between 9% and 0%   To...

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Start of the harvest

At Colombette, the first harvested are the resistant grape varieties, Cabernet Noir in this case... Starting signal for the 2020 vintages.

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Domaine de la Colombette - Vendanges 2020

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